Payra International was established in the year 1994 to bring a revolutionary change in the textile machinery market of Bangladesh. With the virtue of extremely hard work, talent and perseverance, we became one of the leading companies in this industry.

Payra International has now been importing generators, firefighting equipment, water pumps,construction machines, and spare parts. The market of machinery consists of various parties, that include importers, suppliers, organizational, or pvt. buyers, contractors, hire purchase dealers, individuals, parts item sellers, groups of operators, helpers, mechanics, and other service providing third parties. We have been successfully supplying the machines and doing our business for long years. The scope of our operating arena is expanding every year. Our major focus is on the textile mills, garments sector, and local markets of Bangladesh. We supply almost all kinds of machinery that are demanded in the market. We import, sell, and supply used or new types of equipment throughout the country.

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