We are a joint initiative of a team of Business and Engineering professionals from Italy offering various Embedded Engineering & Automation Services and Consultancy and Product Manufacturing incorporating trouble free and energy efficient lift and escalator. Our focus is not on engineering marvels rather on simple technological solutions to complex and persisting problems. We find simplicity to be the utmost sophistication. Top Stair has not stopped innovating every since the company was created, seeking to improve the safety of its products and facilitate their installation and maintenance. Top Stair has produced another innovation with its new sensor that enable accurate and secure data to be provided on lift car speeds and positions.

WE offer our clients multilingual learning and training tools in both face to face and remote formats. Among our training tools there are detailed videos of the assembly processes for each lit as well as step-by-step manuals.

Professional to professional: During installation and/or maintenance work we provide our customers with mechanical and electrical technical support tailored to their particular needs. In real time, in your language and using highly qualified engineers.


• Unbeatable travel comfort lift and Escalator
• Guaranteed quality and smart service
• Quiet, efficient and ecological traction system

•Energy saving smooth running


• 80% disturb free
• Easy and rapid installation
• Social and environmental sustainability
• Product Re-engineering Services

Intensive Course

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• New Product development
• New product Adaptation
• Product Sustenance
• Testing & Verification


Here’s what our happy Client had to say about our services:

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